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Company Secretary (or Compsec) is a required agent by law (Hong Kong's Section 474, Cap. 622 Companies Ordinance). As such the role of this body or natural person is to ensure the company is compliant with all of its statutory laws and regulations as dictated in the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong.


Companies in Hong Kong are required to have a registered office in Hong Kong and one company secretary – either a natural person (ordinarily residing in Hong Kong), or a body corporate (having a registered office in Hong Kong). Non-residents can work with a local company secretary, along with securing a local office space (both of which can be provided by us) to set-up a company in Hong Kong.

Asia SGE will provide you with all the secretarial needs required. Mainly but not limited to:

  • incorporating a Hong Kong company;

  • providing annual corporate secretary services (Company Secretary) and registered office;

  • complying with the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong;

  • maintaining the statutory registers;

  • assisting with various statutory compliance;

  • manage the issues of share transfer, allotment and increase in capital;

  • manage the issues of change of company name, change of registered / business address;

  • preparing and filing of annual returns to Hong Kong’s Company Registry;

  • preparing and filing all necessary corporate resolutions when required;

  • providing tax compliance services and miscellaneous tax services;

  • providing payroll services;

  • arrange for meeting of shareholders and board of directors and prepare minutes;

  • apply for any government business licenses, permits, certificates or approvals, which are necessary to start your business operations in Hong Kong;

  • assisting with Hong Kong Employment Visa Application and Renewal;

  • legal assistance.

  • manage the issue of application of deregistration.

As a solution design house our responsibility if to aggregate all services needed under one roof and as such we ensure to most competitive rate for any service and premium quality delivery.


Once we have an opportunity to have a clear discussion with you about your company we will suggest which services you need now, or later. We can give you an estimation of rolling cost all inclusive for the Compsec, alongside incorporation and other needs you have or not aware of.

Let us take care of the non-core activities allowing you to focus on revenue generation.

We are dedicated, cost effective and able to tailor the services for you. 

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