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Asia SGE Accounting Services help you meet your financial reporting requirements timely, conform to up-to-date accounting standards and efficiently manage your financial performance. We provide a range of accounting and tax services to assist our clients to comply with Hong Kong’s accounting and tax filing requirements. All your needs, simple or complicated, in one place.


· Provision of bookkeeping services.
· Preparation of annual accounts for tax filing.
· Arrangement of independent audits required for tax filing.
· Preparation of quarterly accounts for internal management reporting.
· Advice on the accounting requirements in Hong Kong and consolidation within bigger structures
· Advice on setting up accounting systems.


Asia SGE provides support and assessment regarding tax implications of business activities in Hong Kong.

Helping your company to establish both tax efficient and effective strategic planning.

Together with our dedicated taxation resources, we will assist your company with all aspects of tax compliance and strategy, including:

· corporate tax consulting.

· tax compliance services (tax registration, profits tax return filling).

· miscellaneous tax services (attending to Revenue’s enquiry letter, objection to final tax, holdover of provisional tax, individual tax returns, employer's return of remuneration, application for tax resident certificate, tax provision calculation, deferred tax calculation, etc.).

· maintenance of tax records and administration.

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