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Asia SGE offers the full range of professional services for companies planning to establish a hub or headquarters in Hong Kong. Our mission is to provide clients with the most cost-effective and time-effective solutions with compliance of laws and care of commercial interests of our clients.


Simply put, Hong Kong offers world-class infrastructure for any company - newly established companies or hub for MNCs. 
Hong Kong offers one of the most attractive and simple tax systems for global metropolitan cities. 
Hong Kong enjoys a Free economy and trade and known to be the gateway to Mainland China.


Setting up a company in Hong Kong include deciding on a company-type and name, following the process of incorporation, and finally registering the entity with the Business Registration Office of the Hong Kong’s Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”) within one month of starting the business.

Hong Kong Company Formation Requirements:

· Registered office inside Hong Kong.

· One company secretary, who might be a natural person or a body corporate.

· At least one director who is a natural person.

· At least one shareholder (person or body corporate).

· a share capital of at least HKD1 (there is no maximum amount).

While shareholders and directors are not subject to any nationality or residency requirements, the company secretary must ordinarily reside in Hong Kong. To the extent that the company secretary is a body corporate, its registered office or place of business must be in Hong Kong. If the company incorporated has one director only, he or she cannot also function as the company secretary.

The Documents Required for the Registration Process:

· Incorporation Form.

· A passport copies of each shareholders and each director.

· A copy of a utility bill or bank statement dated within the last 60 days showing each shareholders and each directors current residential address.

· Registered address of the company.

Further documents may be required dependent on the nature of business of the new company.

Annual Maintenance Requirements of a Hong Kong Company:

· Maintain sufficient accounting records which are to be properly audited each year.

· File an Annual Return to the Companies Registry.

· Unless an exemption has been granted, Hong Kong companies must file annual tax returns to the Inland Revenue Department.

Hong Kong Company Deregistration (Strike-off):

Deregistration of a Hong Kong private company is a relatively simple and quick procedure. Asia SGE will assist you with all steps needed to close a Hong Kong business through the deregistration process. The time frame to officially strike off a Hong Kong company is about 4 – 6 months.

As specialists in Hong Kong company formation, we at Asia SGE also assist businesses with the following services:

· Secretarial & Compliance

· Account and Finance

· Corporate Finance

· HR and Immigration

· Nominee

· Bank Account Opening

· Licenses

· Tax and legal support

· Company Deregistration

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