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Asia SGE specializes in delivering unique insights, sustainable results and outstanding commitment for success. Our creative financial solutions help foreign and local entrepreneurs and corporates to set up, survive and thrive in today’s market environment.

Our experience, honest perspective, resourcefulness and quality thinking optimize value for our clients and helps them develop, execute, and achieve their vision and full potential.


Asia SGE has a track record of enabling one to see the wood for the trees. 

We simplify, map, analyze and show ways to improve. Rather it is a cost reduction, revenue optimized or general efficiency, the results are always clear.

Some past examples:

  • Organization design and optimization

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Business Process Design

  • Change Management

  • Fund Allocation and Treasury

We are happy to provide second opinion for on going or ready to launch projects


Having been in the Blockchain and Crypto industry for longer than we can admit, we have seen and done it all. 

We are happy to assist with following topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Portfolio Construction and Allocation

  • Liquidity / On-Off Ramping

  • Operational Solutions

  • Trading Vehicle Construction

  • Tokenization

  • Project Advisory and Operational risk

  • Ad hoc


You know how it is to build a startup, right? Big questions and decisions in every step and turn, operational risk, counter party risk, financial uncertainty?

If you answered "Yes", then welcome to the fulfilling world of Entrepreneurship. 

We've been there. 

We advise Startups and projects on the following among others:

  • Operational growth

  • Budgeting and Financial Management

  • Capital Raising and Legal

As well, we provide "Business in a Box" service on affordable rates with consideration of budget. 


Asia SGE has a range of commercial capabilities and partnerships that allows the partners to extend special niche services with regards to Deal Sourcing. 

Asia SGE Partners will take a role of advisor for the project for the purpose of sourcing opportunities and evaluate the risk profile of a project. 

Asia SGE will do due diligence and risk profiling for each project prior to approval and on boarding.

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