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Be a World Citizen


Golden Visa - residence by investment – refers to an immigration program that allows individuals and their families to get an additional residence permit or even citizenship (depending on the country’s residency requirements) in a foreign country simply by purchasing a house there or making a relatively large investment or donation. Today, many European countries offer Golden Visa programs.

Golden Visa is valuable for numerous reasons. Among other things, it helps ensure yourself and your family from local and international politics and crisis; provides an advantage of exponential tax benefits and/or exemptions; Guarantee access to top health and education systems without the need to take loans or excess expenses.

Golden Visa process usually, but not always, require you and your family to move to the country you are getting the visa from. In most countries that offer Golden Visa programs, you can keep your status only by visiting the country on a required frequency.

Asia SGE and its affiliated partners will enable you to invest in residency and citizenship programs globally and will guide and assist you through the application process.



Citizenship by investment or “economical citizenship” is the fastest and most straightforward way to get another passport / citizenship. The Caribbean countries are ideal for acquiring a second passport and enjoy unlimited travel and business opportunities.

Second Passport application in the Caribbean islands is a fast, simple and cost-effective process. The application process usually takes about 3 – 6 months and it does not require you and your family to move to the country you are getting the passport from.

Asia SGE will help you enjoy the alluring benefits of the Caribbean islands and will support and assist you through the application process.

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