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Committed to Confidentiality and Business Excellence

Our Nominee Services provide a way for our clients to maintain privacy while getting the benefits of having a Hong Kong or Off shore company.

Every limited company must have at least one director and one shareholder.

In Hong Kong, all information of a company, including names, addresses of directors and shareholders is available to the public.

In selected Off shore jurisdictions, whilst the shareholders data base is not public, the Directors data base is always visible. 

Asia SGE provides Director and Shareholder Nominee Service to ensure normal operation of corporates, both to newly incorporated companies as well as existing ones. 

If beneficiary owners or directors of the corporate who wishes to remain anonymous, or due to other business considerations, this is your solution.

The Nominee functions are normal and acceptable and anchored in a service agreement. The Nominee does not play any role in operating the company but is appointed simply to satisfy regulatory requirements and for administrative purposes.

Reach out to us for confidential discussion.

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